over my dead body, son

"Come on, dads, have some courage.  Just say, "Over my dead body are you going to wrestle a girl." Of course, they will call you prudish.  But everything in you knows better.

Yes, I am talking to the boys' fathers.  If the girls' fathers don't care how boys manhandle their daughters, you will have to take the lead.  Give your sons a bigger, noble vision of what it is to be a man.  Men don't fight against women.  They fight for women.  

They called it history-making here Minneapolis.  On March 4 Elissa Reinsma became the first female to compete in the state high-school wrestling tournament.  It was not a step forward.  Some cultures spend a thousand years unlearning the brutality of men toward women.  This is an odd way to make history.  Relive prehistory maybe."

I couldn't agree more.  Click here to read full article.


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