spring buds

After a long winter, we're finally planting seeds. Only five days since planting the first set of seeds, and there's already a few buds peaking out of the moist soil. A sure sign of spring, I say. We have a lot of work to do in our yard this summer. I mean, A LOT. We got as much as we could done last fall, but... I mean, come on, the lava rock that covered our front yard is gone and now there's grass in its place and that's a huge improvement. Still, lots of yard work in our future. But, I don't think I'll mind. I love turning something ugly into something beautiful. So, thanks to my dad for bringing over his planting shelf and lights, and giving us amateurs some professional advice about our yard. We need it!

Here's to my handsome seed-planter and the beginning of something beautiful.


K said…
hey anna!
you changed the title. and the header. i like both!
i'm thankful for you, and your gardener. press on, eyes open and fixed!

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