phase one: completed

Forty hours later and these walls are like new...
In a 100 year old house sort of way.  I love character.
And I love me some DIY projects.

Here's how it all went down:

Stare at the ugly walls for months, dreaming
of something... blue... no... gray.

Hammer out the sections of plaster that have pulled away from the lath or have cracked(that's the fun part).

Then, fill most of the space in the opened spaces with a twenty minute concrete mix, and start skim 
coating all of the walls. 

Paint the ceiling tiles. Seriously, three coats?!? Yes.
My neck is killing me at this point.  But, so worth it.

It's amazing what a you can do with some mud, a trowel, and the patience to (barely) live through tons and tons of dust.
And...  no more sleeping in the office.
Phase two: find some vintage-modern something or others for the walls, window treatments, and... bust out the oil paint and redo the woodwork.  So, I get a break until it's warm enough to open the windows!


Wow! Great job. We haven't tried to repair any walls in our house. Fortunately, ours don't seem to be pulling away anywhere. But we've got other issues. Our house is an old one too and we are slowly trying to fix it up.

I like your blog and thought I'd let you know. ;-)

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