Monday, April 18, 2011

major kitchen upgrade

The kitchen on the rental side of the duplex was in dire need of an upgrade.  We fixed it up a little, before and after the first tenants, but, this time around it needed a TON of work.  I was so happy to put the oil paint and mineral spirits away after this project!

This is what it looked like when we first bought it:

We took off the wall paper and painted the walls white right away. Then added tile last summer...

The rest was done in March this year.
It's pretty self-explanatory!

Tada! Ready for new tenants!

another hallway

One more hallway done! Only one left, but it's low on the list of projects, as it is a neutral color. I only have one 'before' picture of this one-- and it is grossly accurate! Our goal was accomplished. It looks super clean.

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