four months old

This month Heidi's biggest accomplishment was rolling over!  From her tummy to back.  After greatly disliking tummy time, she decided one day in May that it wasn't so bad after all and will spend much of her play time that way now.  She also had her first little dip in Lake Nebagamon(photos to come)... which she wasn't too excited about.  We'll have to try that again soon when it's a bit warmer.  I'm looking forward to her four month appointment next week to get her height and weight.  She is a big girl!  ...with a big personality!  I thank the Lord that I am able to spend my days with her.  I wouldn't want it any other way.

06.20.12 - 17 lbs 10 oz (98th percentile) 26 inches (94th percentile)


What a cutie!!! She's adorable Anna!! =)
Heidi said…
I just want to eat her face she's so cute!!!

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