six months old

Welp, I should have known that if I didn't post these right away, a trip to Colorado and a busy schedule when I returned would keep me distracted.  Woah, six months?!  Almost seven?  Halfway to one year? I wish time would slow down.  It seems like every day she's doing something new and exciting.  This month she can get herself anywhere on the floor by rolling, twisting, turning and pulling.  Sitting up?  No big deal.  Eating food?  Of course.  She has a big appetite.  Starting rice cereal and vegetables was easy... she was very ready.  And I love the four "tires" on her arms.  So yummy.

Maybe I should save this for the seven month post... but I can't wait.  She's almost crawling!  She pulls herself up on things and the other morning I found her sitting up in her crib.  Oh my.  Slow down baby.  Mama won't be able to keep up with you soon.

Six month stats(well, six months and thirteen days):
18 lbs., 15 oz. - 91st percentile
28 in. - 98th percentile

Grow, baby grow.  We love your rolls.


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