eight months old

The world is opening up for Heidi... crawling quickly, swinging doors, pulling herself up on things and holding on one-handed, toilets... Toilets, whaa?  Yes, Heidi loves the toilet.  She will crawl from anywhere in the house to the toilet, hoping we left the bathroom door open.  I never thought I'd see the day that we have a lock on our toilet, but that day has come.  The baby-proofing is in full swing.

In other news, another tooth is popping through.  I had no idea they are so slow to work their way up.  One month has gone by and her first tooth has hardly moved.  More tears and heartache at our house, coming from the nursery.  And more time awake at night.  Her little toothy grin is totally worth it.

Right now she is happy unless mama walks into the room.  Then mama must surely have a need of hers that should be met, though it may take her a while to figure what need that is.  Most of the time it's pretty entertaining that she feels that way.  Most of the time.

Hats, oh how I loathe thee, she says.  Please, I love the cold weather, but no hat please.  And while I'm asking, could I get some food?  Thanks.


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