eleven months old

Squeezable and delicious

Drama queen, much?

So, let's not pretend that being an eleven month old named Heidi doesn't come with a lot of drama.  Let's be real here... life is not always cute bows and big smiles(though, we love those times!). These photos sum up our days pretty well.  The woeful teething, lack of snacks on demand, and want for constant attention left her wanting something, all the time.  This month brought on something new for her mom and pops: dramatic crying with a side of tantrum.  I have a hard time not laughing when she hangs her head low and sobs like a drama queen when she doesn't get what she wants.  Sorry, honey; that's life.  Better get used to it!  Don't get me wrong, she is spunky and a lot of fun... but, not all the time!

Month eleven brought some big changes.  She started walking really well... not just 8-10 steps and falling like a few weeks prior.  Climbing is also a favorite activity.  On the couch, up mama's legs and trying so hard to climb onto chairs.  She's curious and it's very entertaining watching her explore life inside our world.  Grandma gave her animal magnets and they keep her very busy some days.  She likes to "organize" the kitchen.  If I'm missing something, like a paci, I open up one of the cupboards and usually find what I'm looking for.  Sitting through a whole book now is also so fun!
She hasn't been weighed on a baby scale since her six month appointment, but the scale at home says she is just under 22 pounds.  She's moved down the percentile chart quite a bit, but there are no worries over here that she is any too thin.  Food is still her number one priority!  She's into grown-up food and decided she's all done nursing.  She sure didn't take my feelings into consideration on that one. :/

Heidi, you are a joy and a handful.  Notice that I said 'joy' first.  We love you, your excitement, facial expressions, fun personality and playful spirit.  You also keep us on our knees, because we know that we cannot parent you without the help of our loving, heavenly father, who we are ever so thankful for!  God is good, all the time.


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