first birthday party

Turning one is hard.  All of those people staring at me as my parents try to make me like my birthday cake(which is so gross, eww! and don't get me started on that blue frosting!).  And the tutu and wretched headband.  I really wanted to make a mess on it so my mama would take it off and give me something more normal to wear.  

My emotions... there are so many.  I have a hard time smiling for all of those cameras, so I often got sad.  On the bright side, I got to see my cousins, so that makes it all worth it.  They know how to get every one of my toys out faster than me.  Since then I've been working on making a new record.  I want to be just like them!  Maybe someday I'll be able to load the nerf gun all on my own... oh boy!

Thanks to Emily for taking photos of us, since my mama was so busy!


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