what MN calls spring

Yesterday, the first day of spring, started out at 7 degrees for us, with a wind chill of -10 or something crazy like that.  We powered through it, just like we would have had it been a warm, fuzzy 40 degrees.  My sweet friend from church watches Heidi once a week for a few hours so I can get some errands done.  Seven errands yesterday, people.  Seven.  And Starbucks.  It's amazing how much I can get done by myself in that glorious two hours.  

Side note: I would much rather be on a coffee date during that time.  Takers?

Heidi is super into her baby doll right now.  Hugging, patting, kissing, smothering, making her baby sit in her bumbo... which is more like.... SIT BABY. YOUR LEGS AREN'T RIGHT. LET ME HELP YOU. Bang, bang, bang.  She means well.  I think she's catching on to what "gentle" means.  We say it a lot in this house.  H would do well with some boys in the house someday, hehe.  


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