duplex before and after: front yard

We are thinking about buying a MN house that needs A LOT of work, so I've been browsing through my photos of the updates we did on our Omaha duplex.  It's only been a year and a half and I've already started to forget how hard we worked to update just about everything about this house(X2!).  I needed a little encouragement that we can do it again.  We know how to tear down layers upon layers of wall paper, hammer out cracked plaster and skim coat until the walls are perfectly smooth.  We know how to scrape, sand, caulk, paint, tile, grout, put in counter tops and plug holes on the outside of the house so the bats don't find their home in our attic! Travis even learned quite a bit about electric and plumbing.

And so... a series of duplex updates to come.  Really, these photos are for me.  If we get this MN house, I will need to take a break and look at these posts again, I am sure.


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