Tuesday, January 28, 2014

house updates // living room



Before(notice the light pink ceiling? ewwww!)

Walls and ceiling painted // woodwork primed // floors sanded

Front door primed // I should mention that Travis spent the whole night before sanding the wood floors(he rocks!)

The pro, hard at work!

Floors finished

Moving in

Front door painted // The whole door will be replaced next summer, but the pink had to go!

At this point I called Travis to ask if he still wanted to paint our fireplace. Too late! :)

This was my favorite living room update. Totally changed the feel of our main floor.  I still have a few Christmas decorations to take down!

How it looks now -- but I feel I need a disclaimer here -- it is RARELY this clean and I hid the baby swing for this photo! 

The main thing left to do is replace the front door next spring, and possibly the front windows in the next few years. The window next to the fireplace needs to be painted, as well. We have a few beautiful danish chairs in the basement that are currently being refinished.  Those will replace the dirty white Ikea chairs... yippee!

Friday, January 24, 2014

house updates // kitchen

Before // eat-in kitchen




Flooring and cabinet doors being removed

Fridge is out // ready to remove cabinets on this side of kitchen

Cabinets and stove hood removed // walls patched

Added inches behind fridge so we could fit one of normal size

More wall smoothing

My mom got the fun job of removing the blue paint from this window

And she got it all off with a smile! That fan was sitting super low, not to mention
how hideous it was. We said goodbye to it a few months later.

After we removed the layers of flooring, we put down a new sub floor
and then laminate tile

Such an improvement!

This was the biggest kitchen project. Travis worked an entire weekend on this...
After removing the door, we found ourselves fixing a lot of other problems
underneath it before he could install the new door and storm door.

Finished painting the walls, got new appliances, and added open shelving.

Painted cabinets and put back with new hardware // opened up doorway to the bedroom-turned-dining-room

Chalkboard door! My favorite part of the kitchen. That, and the fact that we found this door in the basement and didn't have to buy a new one.

We turned the eat-in area to a mudroom/office. We only use the side door and
needed a place to dump our stuff when we walk in the door. And we've always
wanted our computer to be in the kitchen.  It's much roomier than it would
have been with a table. The shelves, desk and locker are from Ikea and we made the coat rack.

New door that still needs paint! 

Still need to do:
put in new baseboards(the old ones were rubber faux wood... yuck) 
new stove hood // fix door jamb to dining room
 new window treatments // paint metal part of ceiling lights
grout the tile floor(yes, this laminate can be grouted)
paint the doorbell cover // caulk around new door and paint the trim
paint door inside and out // new countertop, sink and faucet(next weekend!)
paint final coat on ceiling

Thursday, January 23, 2014

house updates // nursery

It is a -30 windchill outside this morning, so what better time than now 
to work on taking some progress photos of our house projects.  I'm going 
to go ahead and call this a "before and progress" post, because we have 
some work to do before we can say it's "before and after." The before
photos were all taken with my iphone, so they're not very nice looking,
but you get the picture! This house was a bit of a disaster when we 
closed last June.  But, we've done more to it than I thought possible
in the time we've had so far.  Somehow that's still not enough, though!
There are always projects we need to do that are staring us in the face, 
but we will get to them... eventually.  Right now, playing and snuggling 
with our daughters is the priority and definitely hogging all of our extra 
time! And HELLO! Having a new baby is exhausting. :)

What we've done so far:
refinished the wood floors // sanded and painted all woodwork 
painted closet doors // hung new window treatments(diy... thanks pinterest!) 
patched and painted walls // painted inside the closet(bye bye orangey yellow!) 
painted ceiling // installed new ac and return vents 
 painted door and put on new hardware
glazed the windows // painted screens(but, they still need to be replaced)
Still to do:
caulk, caulk, caulk // touch up woodwork and walls after caulking 
find knobs for closet handles
turn room into shared bedroom when Jane gets a little older

I spy Baby Squeak!

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