house updates // living room



Before(notice the light pink ceiling? ewwww!)

Walls and ceiling painted // woodwork primed // floors sanded

Front door primed // I should mention that Travis spent the whole night before sanding the wood floors(he rocks!)

The pro, hard at work!

Floors finished

Moving in

Front door painted // The whole door will be replaced next summer, but the pink had to go!

At this point I called Travis to ask if he still wanted to paint our fireplace. Too late! :)

This was my favorite living room update. Totally changed the feel of our main floor.  I still have a few Christmas decorations to take down!

How it looks now -- but I feel I need a disclaimer here -- it is RARELY this clean and I hid the baby swing for this photo! 

The main thing left to do is replace the front door next spring, and possibly the front windows in the next few years. The window next to the fireplace needs to be painted, as well. We have a few beautiful danish chairs in the basement that are currently being refinished.  Those will replace the dirty white Ikea chairs... yippee!


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