house updates // nursery

It is a -30 windchill outside this morning, so what better time than now 
to work on taking some progress photos of our house projects.  I'm going 
to go ahead and call this a "before and progress" post, because we have 
some work to do before we can say it's "before and after." The before
photos were all taken with my iphone, so they're not very nice looking,
but you get the picture! This house was a bit of a disaster when we 
closed last June.  But, we've done more to it than I thought possible
in the time we've had so far.  Somehow that's still not enough, though!
There are always projects we need to do that are staring us in the face, 
but we will get to them... eventually.  Right now, playing and snuggling 
with our daughters is the priority and definitely hogging all of our extra 
time! And HELLO! Having a new baby is exhausting. :)

What we've done so far:
refinished the wood floors // sanded and painted all woodwork 
painted closet doors // hung new window treatments(diy... thanks pinterest!) 
patched and painted walls // painted inside the closet(bye bye orangey yellow!) 
painted ceiling // installed new ac and return vents 
 painted door and put on new hardware
glazed the windows // painted screens(but, they still need to be replaced)
Still to do:
caulk, caulk, caulk // touch up woodwork and walls after caulking 
find knobs for closet handles
turn room into shared bedroom when Jane gets a little older

I spy Baby Squeak!


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