jane: three months old

Jane, you are growing up and getting chubby right before our eyes! 
It's all happening too quickly. You're filling out your 3-6 month clothes 
and size 2 diapers. You smile and TALK, TALK, TALK. 
All it takes is eye contact and you won't stop. We think you're a pretty 
easy baby. You like to sit in your bouncer when I need to work.
You love alone time laying on the rug. Heidi smothers you with 
kisses and hugs and you don't mind one bit. I tell her to give you some 
space and then I look down and you have a huge smile on your face. 
I think you'll be good friends someday. We put you in the bumbo 
seat last week and you looked very proud of yourself. You still 
love to be worn by mama, but are getting better at taking naps in your bed.
You wake up once at night between 9:00pm - 6:30am to eat and usually fall 
back asleep with no problems.  Sometimes I eat too much dairy and you get
super gassy and mad(and wake up a lot!), but I'm mostly well-behaved.  

We love you, dear, sweet Jane.


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