Wednesday, April 30, 2014

wedding flowers: brandon and claire

I had the privilege of arranging the flowers for Brandon and Claire's
wedding last weekend.  It was fun in so many ways and I'm glad 
they asked for my help! These photos were super last minute and
are not too nice... but it's all I have to show for it for now.  I can't
wait to see the photos that their amazing photographer took!

behind the scenes

So, let's be real for a few minutes.
Taking photos of the girls that aren't horrible
 takes a lot of work, and it doesn't happen all that often.
That's why I like doing monthly photos... it makes me
take time to capture some of these sweet and not-so-sweet
moments, too, as these two girls grow up so quickly 
before my eyes. 

The monthly photo shoot for Jane now
looks like this: Jane is happy, doing what she is told. 
Heidi, not so happy. Jane is getting too much attention.
Heidi wants to wear a sticker, too. And something in her 
hair. Heidi crawls all over Jane. Now Jane is mad and Heidi's
hair is in her face. Jane pulls Heidi's hair and now both girls are 
upset. I'm about to give up. But first, I give Heidi my phone.
She disables it, but I get a few good shots of both of them.
The photo shoot is now over and it takes me two weeks to 
post the photos because there are too many poopy diapers and 
I'm tired so I go to bed instead of blog. But, there's nowhere
else I'd rather be.  They are my loves, my life and my joy.
I don't know if I'll ever get a shot of Heidi without a crusty nose
or food around her mouth, but I've decided that it's okay.

jane: four months old

Jane, this has been a fun month. 
You have become very interactive and love to 
laugh, squeal, play with toys and blow bubbles.
You don't mind tummy time and decided it is
time to roll over, both directions, from your tummy to back.
You are still very content to go with the flow,
sitting in your bouncer while I cook dinner, 
or laying on the floor having some alone time.
Though, that never lasts long because Heidi
likes to be in your face entertaining you!

Night times have been up and down this month... 
waking once or twice to nurse. Sometimes more. 
Maybe a four month growth spurt?
You transitioned from sleeping in the rock 'n play 
to the pack 'n play, flat on your back.
You take a short morning nap, long afternoon nap 
and one more short nap while I cook dinner.
You still strongly dislike your car seat, so errands 
with you and Heidi are not my favorite.

The 4 month stats:
14 lbs 2 oz -- 63rd percentile
24.5 inches long -- 60th percentile
16.25 inch noggin -- 60th percentile

Month four seems like a magical month to me.
I am slowly, but surely, emerging from the fog of
your newborn days.  The sun has been shining more, 
the snow has melted, and we are enjoying the green grass.
Bring it on, spring! We need more fresh air and sunshine!

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