jane: five months old

Janie darling, you're five months old.
You still smile all the time, everywhere we go.
You bring so much light and joy to our family.
You started the month off rolling from tummy-to-back,
but you've since graduated to back-to-tummy rolling 
and now that's all you do. I am so surprised, but you 
love to spend time on your tummy now. 
It used to be such a chore.  

You still wake up twice at night. We are working on that.
We have been pretty relaxed about your sleep, 
since you've generally been such an easy baby.
But, now it's time to sleep longer at night. 
You're a chunk and your mama needs more sleep!

Heidi gets you giggling like nobody else and it's
SO FUN to watch! Love you, sweet girl!

I'm late to post these photos, but I did take them on time...


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