jane: seven months old

Jane, this has been a big month.
A few days before you turned seven months,
you started rocking on your hands and knees.
You have places to go and you are a determined girl!
You also sit on your own very well, which is so helpful.

You cut your first tooth, too! 
It was a hard couple of days, but we survived.
You're going to be even cuter with tiny white teeth.

You have been introduced to most fruits and vegetables.
I can't tell if you have any favorites yet.
Though, I can tell that you don't love puffs.
We tried them earlier in the month and you 
make gagging noises and spit them out...
even though you stuck them in your mouth. 

While you are almost always cute, there is 
one annoying thing you do. You wait until
your mouth is full of food and then spit(blow like a whale!) 
it all out on your surroundings and me.
Okay, maybe it's kind of funny. But, super gross.
Dolly girl, you are entertaining, to say the least.


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