jane: ten months old

Janie Bunches,
Ten months old! Almost walking! 
This month you took your first step without help.
It won't be long until you are walking solo. 

You hate baby food. You've never really liked it.
A few weeks ago I made beef stew and you scarfed 
it down like there's no tomorrow. It was hilarious.
So now you're eating big people food. And lots of it.

Heidi is still your best friend and worst enemy.
I need eyes in every room of the house at all times.
You'll be in your bedroom, both cackling back and forth
and the next minute I hear crying. You'll get there.
To friends, I mean. 

10 month stats:
Weight: 18 lbs 12 oz // 39th percentile
Height: 28.4 inches // 66th percentile
Head size: 17.75 inches // 74th percentile


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